Give your family a real gift to treasure… 

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My Last Wishes® lets you tell your Life Story in an easy to use but very comprehensive format. You can also record health issues and financial and banking details as well as making your last wishes known in a sensitive way regarding plans for your funeral, plus there’s a handy checklist for family members to use. By writing this information down in a dedicated book you’ll not only be taking a great weight off your loved ones shoulders, you’ll be leaving them an everlasting legacy. There are location cards included in the book specifically to give to a family member or friend, so that when the time comes they’ll know where you’ve put My Last Wishes® and it can be found with a minimum of fuss.

My Last Wishes® is ideally kept with all of your important documents in the one place. It’s a great help when planning your estate.
When filling out My Last Wishes® it’s completely up to you as to how much information you record. Not everything will apply to you, and you might prefer not to fill in some details at all, but you’ll be able to pick and choose as to what you do record. In some instances you’ll need to make a choice and strike out the alternative statement. There’s room for additional information to be included and there are also pages provided to update information previously recorded by you.

Have recently gone through a bereavement in the family, and wanted to let you know how grateful I was that my Dad had used your product. He wasn’t expecting to die, but he did plan for contingencies, and had filled out a great number of the details just in case. When he didn’t make it out of hospital, it made planning the service so simple, because we knew we were doing what HE wanted. Many thanks.

I found My Last Wishes so easy to use
and my family now have peace of mind.”

“Mum wanted us to know her plans and this book has not only made that possible, but it’s also given us Mum’s special memories to keep.

Everyone needs to have a Will, a Power of Attorney and My Last Wishes.
I can see it solving a lot of family squabbles when I’m gone.